William Morris and Ernest Staggs personally handle every case.

Why Staggs Morris? The choice is CLEAR.

25+ years of trial experience.

Not a personal injury “mill” … just one-on-one exceptional attorney service. No “case managers.”

We have the insurance company’s playbook. Ernest Staggs is a former insurance defense lawyer.

No ambulance-chasing advertisements. Jurors in your case start with a good impression.

The Staggs Morris Advantage:

  • You won’t find us on the side of every bus or at the top of every billboard. We are just good lawyers who will provide careful attention to detail to maximize the value of your case.  And if your case goes to trial, the jurors in your case have no negative image of us after seeing ambulance-chasing TV ads.
  • We are not a high-volume injury mill and do not take every case that walks into our door. We will not just settle your case quickly so we can move on to the next one.
  • Who do you think pays for those wall-to-wall TV ads and billboards? You do, of course. At Staggs Morris, there are no expensive million dollar advertising campaigns … just good attorneys who get referrals from past happy clients.
  • We have more than 25 years of experience as trial lawyers, successfully arguing cases against some of the highest-paid hired guns that insurance companies can buy.
  • We have the insurance company’s playbook. Attorney Ernest Staggs was on the insurance companies’ payroll and handled one of the biggest aviation injury cases in U.S. history. Ernest Staggs and William Morris are aggressive and experienced attorneys who will work with you personally to handle your case, one-on-one.

But . . . what’s my case WORTH?

How many times have you heard, “What’s my case worth?” Despite all the marketing hype, the question is one that requires careful and expert legal analysis in order to reach an approximation of what a jury might be willing to award you in a lawsuit. In making that determination, Staggs Morris will carefully examine the following variables:

  • How much have you lost in wages or self-employment due to the injury and how much more will you lose in the future?
  • How much have you spent for medical treatment before the injury and how much more will you spend in the future?
  • Was the accident permanently disabling or disfiguring?
  • How painful was the injury and how did that impact your relationship with your spouse and children, and your ability to enjoy your normal activities?
  • Did you follow through with the recommendations of your doctor for treatment?
  • Did you have a pre-existing condition or did you do anything at all to help cause the accident?

In addition, the COUNTY in which you suffered your injury is important. Juries in certain counties are more likely to offer you fair compensation than juries in other counties.

An auto accident can leave you with injuries that last a lifetime. You don’t have to have broken bones or lacerations. A high-impact accident can cause tissue injury that may never go away. Meantime, the insurance company will kill you with kindness, pretending to be concerned about your well-being; all in an effort to keep you out of an attorney’s office before offering you a cut-rate settlement. Don’t fall for it. If you are injured because of someone else’s bad driving, you are entitled to lost wages and medical bills (economic damages) together with pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life (non-economic damages). Contact us now for an evaluation.

Car versus truck: It’s particularly disastrous for obvious reasons. If you survive such an accident, it can take years to get your life back on track. Accidents involving trucks involve unique issues of fact and law that do not apply to other types of accidents. For instance, truckers are heavily regulated and many times accidents involving trucks involve a violation of those regulations. By way of example, did the truck driver get the required amount of rest before taking to the road? A full evaluation of the circumstances that might have caused the accident is imperative before you accept a low-ball offer from an insurance company. We can help.

Motorcyclists are small targets and easy to overlook. But that doesn’t make the driver who hits you any less responsible for the catastrophic damages they cause. In one of the motorcycle cases handled by our firm, our client was minding his own business and driving the speed limit when suddenly, without notice, a woman turned her Ford sedan right in front of our client. He was a young man and eventually made a full recovery but the insurance company was intent on short-changing him — UNTIL we took on his case. Before going to court, we achieved a full and fair settlement for the incredible pain he suffered relating to severe road burn and the expenses of a week-long hospital stay.

The stories we hate to hear are those involving children and dog bites, because the aftermath oftentimes is nothing short of traumatic. When an adult is involved, the damages caused are usually manageable and can resolve with proper medical care. But not always. Before you let a vicious dog attack get settled for a mere fraction of what it is worth by a seemingly “caring” insurance company representative, first consider: How much pain did I suffer from all those lacerations that required 20 stitches? What kind of emotional trauma did I suffer during the attack and how do I feel about dogs in the aftermath? Call us for a full evaluation of your case. In one of our recent dog bite cases, our client was attacked out of the blue by a pit bull near the Auraria Campus. After an emergency room visit and 15 stitches, we found that the owner of the business property where the vicious dog was harbored had no insurance. We were not fazed. We obtained a five-figure judgment for our client, filed a lien on the business property, and sold the property in a sheriff’s sale in order to get our client fair compensation for this pit bull attack. We fight for justice for every client. We will fight for you.

courtroomSometimes the worst can and does happen — the carelessness of someone else results in the death of a loved one. Those left behind must pick up the pieces and move on — a monumental task particularly if the loved one is supporting children and/or a spouse. Whether it is a car accident, a medical error, or any other number of circumstances resulting in unexpected death caused by carelessness, we can assist the family in obtaining fair compensation for the lost future wages and lost companionship of the deceased family member. The statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits is only two years. Contact us for a full evaluation of your case.

Lawyerspeak 101: Economic Damages

Usually the most straightforward calculation in determining the value of your case is figuring out economic damages. These are the monetary costs associated with your injury such as medical bills and lost wages. It may also include other actual out-of-pocket costs like the cost of getting help caring for young children if you are not able to do so. Further, future medical expenses and the possible cost of reconstructive surgery must be factored into the equation to be sure you get a full and fair settlement.

Lawyerspeak 102: Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are not as straightforward as economic damages and are illustrative of why you really need a lawyer to advocate on your behalf with the big insurance company. These damages are somewhat subjective and include things such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium with your spouse, and mental suffering and anguish. Juries can differ on how to place a dollar amount on these damages. Your lawyer can determine what a jury is likely to do in your case based on the county in which your lawsuit is to be filed and on what juries in those counties have been doing in the recent past. Further, proper preparation and presentation of these damages to a jury by an experienced and skilled trial lawyer is imperative.